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4 Tricks to adapt to Facebook’s Latest Algorithm

- 7 October 2015, 05:10

In b.c. by 2015 and then, #Facebook has done the latest update on system algorithms. Taking focus from 2 sides of a user and admin pages, Facebook would like to provide content sharing experience that is not only interesting but also right with the characters of each user.

From the user side, the new Facebook Alogoritma tried to bring up more content that’s being hit, from friends, relatives, komintas or Facebook page which we have pin marks the thumb. As for admin page, which becomes the main concern is how to let every Member who follow these pages can get sharing content that really fits with the indulgence and also their Facebook account usage pattern.

To be able to adjust to the most gress Facebook algorithm, utamannya for fellow internet marketer, it certainly should know the loopholes and exploit these updates to be able to further improve the performance of marketing online that you are running.
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Well, the following is quoted from the explanation of a social media expert, Chelsea Hejny, will reveal 4 tricks how can adapt to the latest Algorithm from Facebook.
1. Share your videos Directly through Facebook

As it is known, in recent months Facebook looks increasingly vigorous maximize the features of #video. In fact, Facebook is reportedly ready to challenge Youtube for video sharing site known as the largest in the world.

Well, to maximize the efforts of marketing with video content, it would be better if started now you upload the video directly through a Facebook account. This is because, the current Facebook seems increasingly “blurring” the shared video content through other platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and others.

In addition, according to one research online Getresponse, video upload content directly through Facebook increase chances of viewers up to 52 times than if membangikan links via other video sharing sites. This cannot be separated from the autoplay feature video that is embedded on Facebook’s latest algorithm update.
2. make sure the Link you share Mobile-Friendly

In the last 4 years since the more the development trend of mobile devices, the use of Facebook via mobile in fact are many and continue to swell daily. Official data Facebook mentioned that nearly 40% of Facebook users only ever even access Facebook from mobile devices. This is to understand the offender #internet marketing.

Related links that you share, whether it be a link blog, website, download, landing page and so on you have to make sure that the intended link is easily accessible through mobile devices aka mobile friendly. In addition, in alogoritma Facebook also added link quality tracking system. If the links you share with qualified, then Facebook will not hesitate frequent-often display these links in the home page Facebook account of another user.

Then how to determine the quality of the link Facebook or not? It is very easy, if other users visit the links that you share and they spent a long time on that page, then rank the link tersebutpun will go up in the eyes of Facebook. And so does the opposite.
3. make the Content Unique Strategies on each Platform

If we look back at some of the business brand account in Facebook which can finally achieve a good affinity with the fans, one of the secret is able to share unique content for each platform a business account that they belong to.

To clarify, for example i.e. one brand of skin care and beauty products, Clinique. In any occasion, visual content distributed via their Page Fans are always different from the existing content in another social #media accounts, as in Instagram or Twitter.

For content on Facebook, the strategy used is to post content that is not only visually display the product but also information such as prices or specification variants. While in the account Instagramnya, Clinique post a content focus solely on its aesthetic without additional information.

Why is this so? The reason is because of the potential of existing content on Facebook is indeed to attract prospective consumers to immediately make a purchase or also called with call to action. As for the accounts of most of the Instagram, followers come just to get a reference to the visual content-related products that are currently on seek.

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4. Share your content more than once

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