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5 reasons to stay in a hotel when traveling to jombang

- 6 September 2016, 09:09

I believe, a hotel must have an own character and distinctiveness to satisfy an uprising. Distinctiveness and character this is what distinguishes with other hotels and can give you an unforgettable impression for his guest that night.

Well, some time ago, I got a gift voucher free stay at The Sunan Hotel Solo from giveaway held by Fahmi Anhar. And, experience stay at The Sunan Hotel Solo with family, it is memorable in our hearts.

stay at hotel jombang

At least, there are 5 reasons that impressed me with The Sunan Hotel Solo. The reasons are:

1. In rooms provided guling

Not many hotels that provide a scroll in the room. Upon entering the room space Sunan Hotel solo, I was quite surprise seeing 2 pieces pillow case stacked neatly on top of the bed.

Although the time overnight there I with his wife (which of course can be taken up while sleeping), but because of the presence of coal, our son, often times I have to succumb to sleep without embracing any (si). I was lucky to stay on the Sunan Hotel solo, when his wife could not be adopted, I can still hug the pillow case and padded slept with slumbering.

2. Convenient for babies

Because of the often traveling together baby, we already felt quite a lot of experience taking care of the baby at the Inn. The most troublesome thing was when bathing the baby. Bara ever we bathe by way of sitting on the bathroom floor. I am also carrying ever under the shower. In fact, the one time we’ve ever bathe in the sink because of the size of the sink big enough! But in the Sunan Hotel solo, bathing the baby feels very comfortable bathrooms are available for in bath. Stay warm in water bath fill-up, then dudukkan baby in the bath. Even so it is more comfortable than a bucket of bathing a baby in the House.

In addition to the comfort in bathing the infant, the other facilities at the Sunan Hotel solo-friendly for the baby is the existence of a service to warm baby food. We have never tried, anyway. But it says on the TV screen menanyangkan, Sunan hotel profiles are indeed provide this service.

The next facility is the small swimming pool which has a depth of approximately 50 cm. Bara so glad my time strongly encouraged to swim there. Quite deh to entertain children.

3. A strategic location

We arrived in the city of Solo through the station Purwosari. This station is the nearest to the Sunan Hotel solo. Just 5 minutes taxi ride, we had already arrived in front of the lobby of the hotel.

In the range of approximately 5-minute drive of the motor, of the Sunan Hotel can reach the stadium Manahan, a Solo shopping centre Square and the Bus Terminal. Great location right?

Especially if like music and history, not far from the Sunan Hotel solo, standing building which was the first record company in Indonesia, namely Lokananta. A short walk to cross the highway, came to Lokananta. Lokananta, can be seen in the recording studio, a space archive contains about 40,000 copies of classical LPs, including vinyl recordings of song Indonesia Raya 3 stanza, as well as a variety of tool production and recording of the multiplier.

4. Surprise in the room

This is really beyond my expectations. Today it’s been quite a night when we returned to the hotel from a night out. Entering the room, the room already looks neat. But before we leave, our room is nothing more than a tidy ship broke. In addition to changing rooms neat, there’s a piece of chocolate cake tempt the appetite are served at small tables near the window glass. Wow, sweet surprise for us.

Before we get out the streets, we briefly meets Mr. Grace Novianto, housekeeping manager The Sunan Hotel solo is a neighbor who happened to be my wife while working in the tourist area of Lagoi, Bintan. Chatting alongside Mr. Novi and family even took us like reunian family. Intimate and intense.

Our little surprise allegations at night in the form of a sudden room neat and Small cake terhidang at the table, is the idea of Mr. Novi. Or, maybe, too, The Sunan Hotel solo gives this random to an uprising.

5. a tasty and varied Breakfast

Via Liputan Media, the hotel provides a breakfast menu that standard only. Like rice, vegetable, salad, fruit, porridge, cereal, and such standards already exist in every soul. But in the Sunan Hotel solo, the breakfast menu exceeds my expectations. The reason, several of the menu that is rarely served at other hotels and it occurred to me, not there. For example, the Sunan Hotel provides a breakfast menu in the form of muesli (processed wheat like oatmeal), Korea, Tiananmen, yogurt, salad complete with smoked beef and chunks of cheese, a variety of pulp, various compotes, until herb carrying, served there.

Not only vary the taste of breakfast menu in the Sunan Hotel solo is also nothing is disappointing. Except for one, a kind of sushi menu from Korea or better known by the name of gimbap. But it’s more because of the hell does not match with my tongue. More menu? Awful!

See the number of the menu there, it feels like we don’t want to depart from Narendra Restaurant until breakfast time complete. But alas, Bara, who had sudden anteng cranky because we went in the restaurant. Ya udah deh, eventually we must yield and return to the room. Fortunately we already try (almost) all of the menu.

In addition to these five reasons above, our experience stay at the Sunan Hotel Solo is also memorable because reunian family blogger hits, Fahmi Anhar. Last meet with Fahmi and Nenny, his wife, was when me and my wife who was still pregnant Bara visiting Solo. Now, when we meet again, it adds 2 personnel. Bara, my child, and Vicki, fruit hearts Fahmi. Although ketemunya’s just a minute, but still fun.

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