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5 Things Speaking Spanish Will Give You

- 15 February 2014, 11:02

Before you even read this article, I’d like to let you know that spending some effort and energy into learning Spanish is very rewarding. The following article contains five good reasons to learn Spanish. Although these aren’t the only reasons I thought you’d enjoy them and hopefully gain more of an insight. You might even gain a fresh perspective. So without further introduction, here’s the top 5 reasons you should consider learning Spanish.

You’ll be broadening your horizons.

Chances are that you’ve heard the expression “This world just keeps getting smaller.”. Since Spanish is among the three major languages, the first reason is about exposure and increasing your communications. Simply put, you’ll be able to communicate with more people. When you can speak Spanish you’ll be more exposed to the world. Speaking Spanish will open you up to whopping 329 million people. Talk about exposure! Think you could make a friend? Speaking a secondary language just put the odds in your favor to meet new and interesting people.

You’ll feel more rounded and educated.

Understanding Spanish and expanding your language selection can be a reward in itself. Reading words in Spanish and understanding them is an indescribable feeling. Knowing more languages gives you more options, which frees your mind. Freedom in my book, is always a bonus! Not to mention you’ll also get more choices with your new found knowledge.

Learning a new language for the beauty of the spoken words.

Spanish just sounds soothing and passionate. There’s definitely a pleasant sound in the pronunciation of the Spanish language. There’s an immediately apparent reason that Spanish is ranked among the romantic languages. The language is very passionate by nature and the words smoothly transition into one another. If you enjoy the French language, you’ll also enjoy Spanish.

You can enjoy your traveling experiences even more.

It’s been proven that speaking the native language in an area will positively increase your experience. Think about it… If you can speak the native tongue in an area your visiting you’ll fit in better and are less likely to be perceived as an annoying tourist. The local residents will look more favorably at you when they know you can speak their language. You’ll find that you aren’t just tolerated, but you’ll feel like you fit in. You might just discover that great deli down the street or be guided to the local fresh fish market that the locals shop at.

Learn Spanish to increase the understanding of your own language.

Spanish and English might be more closely related than you originally thought. The Spanish French and English languages share some common roots. That’s why there are so many cognitives in the languages. Latin was widely spread by the Romans and shares the base for both Spanish and English. Understanding the foundation on which our language was formed, helps us get a better picture of other languages as well.

In a nutshell

Being able to speak Spanish will expose you to more people and culture. You’ll feel more educationally rounded and language itself is beautiful when correctly spoken. You’ll fit in better and be more openly accepted if you can speak the native language where your visiting. Learning and using Spanish will also increase your understanding of English. Because the Spanish language is growing at a phenomenal rate it also has the potential to financially reward you. Institutions are seeking bi lingual employees more than ever.

There’s definitely a quick and right way to learn Spanish. One of the quickest proven ways to learn is through total immersion. But if you can’t afford to travel abroad, the second best way to learn is with software.


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