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Aqiqah has the benefits and wisdom include

- 12 October 2015, 10:10

As a manifestation of the presence of God Almighty’s gratitude over the gifts that he has given, namely in the form of a child.
As a sacrifice to draw closer to God Almighty children as early as possible, since the beginning of wading through life. And get used to his or her parent/guardian for sacrificing.
As a ransom the son of various calamities and disasters, the same Almighty God redeem Ismail with a great slaughter.
As the opening theme for penggadai children in occasion of intercede for his parents.
Revealing the joy and optimism to enforce Sharia and breathed faith to his brothers.
Strengthen the bond of intimacy and love of your fellow community members because they are gathering before the dishes provided means rejoice ria welcomes newborn child.
Braid back social solidarity which is the embodiment of joints of justice amongst the people and reducing poverty and kepapaan.

Allaah ‘ Nature.

Aqiqah has the benefits and wisdom include
In addition to manfaat aqiqah trim his salary and Price also promised to allocate 75 to 80 percent of corporate profits for the welfare of its employees. Gravity alone may not be a great company, but steps taken by Dan Price is a huge decision that might in the future could have an effect on the way the perspective of CEOs of big companies to another. In the u.s. alone, often the CEO usually 300 times that of salaried employees.

With such an extreme policy, and Price managed to convey to the world, especially in business, that happiness is not just about money. The company’s profit or advantage also isn’t his one-to-one way to bring happiness. The real happiness comes precisely when we can appease the people around us. Have we done it?

Nydelis Ortiz, a 25 year old woman who just entered in January 2015 is also very excited. In fact he immediately contacted his parents because of the policies of the boss. He and his family have not had a home since moving from Puerto Rico to the us. Salary Ortiz himself up from 36,000 dollars being 50,000 dollars that even larger than the salaries of both parents.
Motivation And Price In Determining Policy

And the Price is the owner of the largest stock in the company which he founded since he was in college. Gravity Payments companies stand roughly eleven years ago And founded with a capital of which he gained from his brother borrowed money. Extreme policies taken by and this comes after he read a study about happiness.

The study States that the salary increases, the extra income can provide a very significant difference against one’s emotional side. Since that time and the Price was determined unanimously to immediately raise his salary after all how.

Aside from studies that he read, complaints from employees about the difficulty of getting a home for former also became a driving factor and take that decision. With such policies, and hopes to provide a positive impetus to lift the morale of its employees.

“I hear it every week, making me suffer in the heart,” so said Price.

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