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Guidance Implementation Aqiqah

- 1 September 2015, 10:09

Aqiqah is one of the things that are prescribed in islam. Propositions which assert this, among other things, is the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, “every child tertuntut with ‘ his Aqiqah?. There are other Ahaadeeth which States, the boy (‘ Aqiqah him with two goats) are girls (‘ Aqiqah) with 1 goats ‘?. The legal status of Aqiqah is sunnah. It is in accordance with the views of the majority of scholars, such as Imam Al-Shaafa’i, Ahmad and Imam Malik, based on the evidence above. Paraulama that does not agree with the saying, mandatory by stating that if Aqiqah is mandatory, then the obligation becomes a very known by religion. And if Aqiqah is mandatory, then the
Prophet also must have been describing the obligation.Guidance Implementation Aqiqah
Some scholars such as Imam Hasan Al-Basri, also Imam Laits, argued that the law of Aqiqah is mandatory. This opinion is based on one of the above Hadith, “Kullu ghulamin murtahanun aqiqatihi bi means (every child tertuntut with ‘ Aqiqah him), they argued that this Hadith shows evidence of ‘ Aqiqah wajibnya and interpret this Hadith that a child stuck his intercession for his parents until he was Aqiqah-i. Some of the scholars who deny the Adajuga disyariatkannya Aqiqah, but this opinion is not based at all. Thus, the opinion of the majority of scholars is preferable to be accepted because the evidence if possible, that the ‘ Aqiqah is sunnah.
For a father who is capable should revive this sunnah until he gets a reward. With this jurisprudence, he or she can participate in spreading love in the community by inviting the neighbors in walimah Aqiqah.
On when Aqiqah is implemented, the Prophet said, “a child is stuck until he Aqiqah-i, (i.e.) killed on the seventh day of his birth and given a name at that time ‘?. This hadeeth explains to us that Aqiqah get kesunnahan if killed on the seventh day. Sayyidah Aisha ra and Imam Ahmad argued that Aqiqah could be slain on the seventh day, or the fourteenth day or day of the twenty one. Imam Malik argues that doomed Aqiqah on the seventh day merely sunnah, if Aqiqah was killed on the fourth day, the eighth or tenth or or afterwards then it is allowed.
According to the author’s efficient, if a father can afford to slaughter Aqiqah on the seventh day, then he should kill it on this day. However, if he is not able to on this day, then it is permissible for him to kill it at any time. Aqiqah boys are different from girls Aqiqah. It is the opinion of the majority of scholars, according to the Hadith which we convey above. Imam Malik argues that Aqiqah boys equals ‘ Aqiqah girls, i.e. equally 1 goats. This opinion is based that the Prophet to Aqiqah-i Sayyidina Hasan with 1 goats, and Sayyidina Husein ‘ “two is the grandson he saw ‘” with 1 goats.
We can conclude that if someone is capable to kill 2 goats for Aqiqah her son, then he should do it, but if it is not capable then 1 goats for ‘ Aqiqah also allowed her son and gets a reward. And Allah knows Best.
Question might be, why did the Islamic religion distinguish between ‘ Aqiqah boys and girls, then we can answer, that a muslim, he surrender himself entirely on the orders of Allah swt, though he did not know the wisdom behind the command will, since human reason is limited. Perhaps also we can take the considerations behind that is to show the advantages of a man in terms of physical strength, as well as in terms of its leadership (qawwamah) in a household. And Allah knows Best
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