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How to create a free forum on your wordpress blog

- 21 January 2016, 02:01

WordPress bbpress buddypress-wordpress bbpress buddypressForum now becomes one of the most visited websites by its netizen in Indonesia. With a forum we can find and discuss deeper about a topic that is equally sought after by other visitors.

create a free forum on your wordpress blog
The Forum usually discuss a special category of more specific that discusses mobile technology or that discusses about online advertising, but there is also a forum that discusses general things and lots of categories, such as Asuna.

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In order for a forum can go well, has recommended that certain categories of topic with alias (not common). Due to the General discussion was needed even more visitor to occur an interaction.

But if in a category/niche specific forum will more easily run aktiv and interact with both. Because people who have the same interests can dig deeper into the information with people who are more expert in a field.

create a free forum on your wordpress blog

To create a forum there are several software options provided, who paid such as vbulletin, xenforo, vannila etc or open source like mybb, smf, phpbb etc.

However if you are using cms wordpress as your blog software. You can add a menu of the forum with the forum plugin installs for free.
As for plugins that need to be installed to create a free forum on your wordpress blog is:


So with wordpress + (bbpress + buddypress) will then be able to produce a multi function i.e. website into a blog site at once forum.

A program of the nonprofit open source plugins and specially made for the site berplatform wordpress. You can easily create a forum and also the bulletin in your wordpress blog site. Interaction on your blog will increase as your website visitors can reveal the fruit of their thoughts freely in forums that you provide.

Anyone minded if they have already installed buddyPress on their site. They already have a forum. The statement was wrong since buddyPress is not a forum. Buddypress is a plugin that makes your blog site’s become a social media. There the visitor you can register as a member, change your profile photo, send private messages between users, discuss in an open page and much more.

For demos or examples you can see here:

However, if the combined between bbPress and Buddypress, of course will create a powerful system to interact in a blog site.

How to install it quite easily, go to dashbord you. Plugin menu click “add new”. Then type or bbPress buddyPress one by one. Then click install on each. After installation is complete you just need to update the aktivkan plugin and do a little configuration.

After all it’s your Board can already digunak by your visitors. That’s the easy way to create a free forum on your wordpress blog, you can do in just over 30 minutes.

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