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How To Remove Scars

- 13 October 2015, 06:10

Are you someone who has scars on the body? Are you confused how to remove scars on your body it? Here are some how to remove scars with a natural way in time relatively quickly. You do not need to be concerned more about the scars that you have it. So no need to do plastic surgery. By implementing these tips you can remove it by simply applying the steps are fairly easy. Some materials from nature can be utilized as a painkiller scars.

Why choose natural materials rather than chemicals sold in drug stores. The fundamental reason the security factor, namely natural materials tend to be more secure without the need for us to cara menghilangkan bekas luka think of side effects that will be caused. While chemical drugs tend to have a risk of side effects can be serious impact if it does not fit in with our skin. Besides natural materials more accessible and also more affordable. Well just check out the explanation below.

How To Remove ScarsHow To Remove Scars

Some people have the scars are indeed sometimes uneasy, especially if there is scarring visible to others. For example, there are scars on the hands, face, feet, and other parts of the body that can be seen in person. The scars could have been you can due to Burns, cuts, bumps, sores and such that can be removed with the use of natural materials as follows. Treat scars with natural materials very minimal side effects.
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1. Eliminate the scars with a cucumber

The first way that we discussed, namely using Cucumber fruit to get rid of scars on your skin. How do I prepare it? Cucumber fruits Cucumis Sativus with latin name is rich in Vitamin C. In addition, he is also a lot of Nice contains potassium to counteract the effects of free radicals. Cucumbers also contain lots of water.

According to one of the original Nebraska, dermatologist Joel Schlesinger stated that Cucumber fruit contain Silica substances (substances that can increase collagen production as well as prevent keriputan). No wonder, if a lot of beauty products use natural ingredients of Cucumber. Acne is also one of them using the Cucumber. Whereas, in order to overcome the scars is by way of smoothing fruit Cucumbers that have been peeled and washed clean. You can fine-tune the Cucumber fruit by means of memblendernya or mashing. Afterwards, oles-oles on scars and leave it all night. Use on a regular basis, the scars will slowly disappear.

2. Fix the scar with honey

How to remove scars with natural materials in the next IE to use honey. Who would have thought using honey, Your scars will slowly disappear. In addition, honey is capable of removing scars old and quite potent. First of all, choose a natural, honey don’t already mixed with other additives. Oles-oles honey to the scars on your body. Let stand for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, bilaslah with warmer water. Done regularly several times a week.

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