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How to wear a nano spray so that maximum results

- 1 October 2015, 10:10

After you buy a Nano Spray 2 website nanospraygina. blogspot com, you would certainly want to get the most from the benefits of Nano Spray 2. On the website you don’t need to worry because in this article we will give you the information and the procedures for the correct usage of Nano Spray so that you get maximum results and satisfy the natural beauty of Japan technology products.
How to wear a nano spray so that maximum results
Rule, wear, Nano, Spray, And, Magic, Stick, 2, MCI

Nano-Spray Usage Rules and Magic Stick 2 MCI is like the following stages:

Open the water tank in the back next to the top by sliding the arrow upwards.
Fill the tank with water refills Nano Spray Original with mineral water containing oxygen (O2 + H).
You must use nano spray 3 surabaya oxygenated water as a main ingredient and should not replace them with rain water or water that has been cooked and mineral bottled mineral water that does not contain oxygen. Because it is needed by the skin cells are oxygen. Remember! only air containing oxygen is only used by the original Spray Nano. As oxygen contained in water packaging Oxy, Cleo, Super o2

The next step is how to wear a Nano Spray so that the results obtained are more optimally is charging water into the tank using a special bottle that has been provided, try not to spill while you do the filling into the tank because it can cause konselting if up on battery.

When you are ready to use the Nano Spray this, slide the front Nano Spray then spray the face skin or goto the goto the troubled skin with the correct settings for the spray distance is about 20-30 cm. When the water is dikulit already feels too wet with Nano-Spray, water consumption of oxygen is not necessary on the swab, but let in advance so that the water percolating from the oxygen and nourishing your skin perfectly.

Rule, wear, Nano, Spray, And, Magic, Stick, 2, MCI

Use Nano Spray at the correct position in an upright standing position. Do not wear it on a slanted or inverted position because it will interfere with the workings of the nano motor spray. for making water. oxygen. Nano Spray will squirt water oxygen for 30 seconds after that it will stop automatically. After stopping close the first part of the future with the way he glides up and if you want to use it again you can just slide down again so the next. However, if the water in the tank has run out of oxygen during spraying 30 seconds is not finished, leave alone and don’t close the slide to the top before the indicator light Nano Spray green changed the color red and die first. This is intended to keep the Nano Spray remain durable.

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