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- 31 January 2014, 07:01

Invoicing with Autoresponders

If you have recurring invoices that you send out, you
can easily automate this process with
autoresponders. Many business
owners find that they spend a good portion the day
sending out invoices, or trying to collect on unpaid
invoices! This can easily eat into the time that you
could be spending generating new business.

If the amounts invoiced are the same each month,
and due on the same day each week or month, you
can easily automate the invoicing process with the
use of an autoresponder. Many shopping carts that
have autoresponders built in work well for this.
Others may take a little time to set up, but in the
end, they will save a great deal of time overall.

Get extra usage out of the automated invoicing
process by adding small messages to the invoices
that alert these clients to new products or services
that you offer. Think about your phone bill

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