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Learning Brazilian Portuguese Made Easy

- 16 February 2014, 12:02

From the outset, I was a little worried about how I would fare when I touched down at São Paulo. In fact, I had just clinched my dream job but the problem was that it was in Brazil and I could not speak Brazilian Portuguese. My apprehension led me to some of my globally travelled friends who told me that there is a difference between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. So, I got down to learning Brazilian Portuguese.

Now, if you have ever tried to pick up a second or even a third language, you would know how difficult it can be. I am a smart person but I never had the linguistic talent that so many people of my generation benefit from. Hence, I had cause for worry about how I would fare at learning Brazilian Portuguese. I honestly did not have the money or the time to join a full time language learning course. Neither did I want to learn language from something unreliable because I did not want to be talking to my landlord in Brazil and telling him that I planned to cook myself in ‘the bathroom’.

I did pick up some books and tried my hand at self-learning because that was the only option left to me. It is at this point that I, by chance, came across the idea of using an audio CD or a software program for learning how to speak Brazilian Portuguese. I dived right into this area because I wanted the most effective and fast audio CD.

The Pimsleur Method

I ended up going through countless reviews and comments and creating a quick shortlist with pros and cons of each option. On top of the list was the Pimsleur method for learning Brazilian Portuguese. The Pimsleur Method, I learned, was devised by a linguistic genius known as Dr. Paul Pimsleur. This man apparently revolutionized people’s perception of the interaction between the brain and sound. His theories are what the Pimsleur Method is based upon.

This method of learning Brazilian Portuguese, as should be obvious, is carried in a CD because of the expertise of Dr. Pimsleur in applied linguistics. There are four theories that are used in the Pimsleur Method for learning Brazilian Portuguese. The first focuses on learning words in a short period of time at regular intervals; the second is designed to help the student ‘anticipate’ correct answers in Brazilian; the third is about picking up core vocabulary; and the fourth is about learning in a natural manner. These four principles or theories, if you would follow, make it very easy for you.

Learning Brazilian Portuguese does not have to be a difficult process. I encourage you to pay my website a visit to learn more about this interesting language, as well as, the people who speak it. But one thing you won’t be paying is a lot of money.

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