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Minimalist House Design Type 36 72 with a hanging Shelf

- 7 October 2015, 12:10

House with modern minimalist concept in urban areas now dominated the industrial property in the country. A House like this also has a variety of types, one of which the most popular is the type 36 72. Minimalist house design type 36 72 utilize the limited soil into the House that not only habitable but also able to customize clothing needs of modern society.
Hanging shelves to house design minimalist type 36 72

In addition because the price is more affordable, the minimalist houses type 36 72 much sought after community due to the extensive and its fitting, not too big and not too small, also without detail of the room are many and complex. Because of his minimalist, furniture in it have to seminimaslis perhaps in order not to confiscate a lot of space which resulted in the House feels cramped.

hanging home

Hanging shelves At Home Interior design Minimalist Type 36 72

Minimalist house design type 36 land 72 shall contain only furniture that really needed. One of the minimalist house dream furniture was hanging shelves. This type of rack is commonly used to put on display, photo, or even a book. These shelves are pleasantly minimalist and simple because it stuck to the wall so that it does not use a lot of space at home. Home interior design minimalist type 36 72 that included a hanging shelf as one for its furniture will be more space-saving and reducing the need for additional furniture for storage.
Shelf hanging round model-Shutterstock

Shelf hanging round model – Shutterstock

On the minimalist House, hanging shelves General applied in family room. But there’s also a hanging rack in the kitchen for storing cooking utensils. Its flexible hanging shelf this is what makes being a minimalist house furniture is mandatory.
The idea of Hanging Shelves to House Minimalist Type 36

The idea of harnessing a hanging rack on a minimalist House can be customized to your needs due to the type and functions of these shelves. Viewed from its form, there is a hanging Shelf set consists of four vertical elongated shaped shelves. This form looks very minimalistic, you can take advantage of to store books, of which there are not many. In addition, the spherical-shaped hanging shelf with plenty of insulation in it can contain picture frames, books, antiques or collectibles you are small-sized.
Hanging rack square with asymmetric boundary – Shutterstock

Hanging rack square with asymmetric boundary – Shutterstock

The idea of the use of hanging shelves the next one is the square-framed with the kind of asymmetrical in it. The boundary of this asymmetrical arranged randomly making it look unique. Keep your books only with the size varies in these shelves to make the room look more elegant and neat.

If youhave info jasa bangun rumah do not like a hanging shelf with a unique form, you can choose the type of cable sekat-sekatnya rack mounted in the space between the walls like the image below. Hanging rack is simple because it does not use frames as the framing sekatnya. You only need to match the color of the shelf with the wall.
Hanging shelves storey – Shutterstock

Hanging shelves storey – Shutterstock

So a number of minimalist house design idea type 36 72 utilizes the use of furniture hanging shelves. Before deciding which type of hanging shelves like what you need, be sure to first stuff you’ll save in accordance with the capacity of the shelves.

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