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On packaging design of products (product Packaging Design):

- 7 October 2015, 06:10

Our pride in the site, I’ve been discussing the logo, tagline, and business cards. This time, there is one more thing that is no less Interestingly; design of the packaging or packaging design. Are you interested in? Continue!

According to the site eksiklopedia free, Wikipedia, packaging design or simply abbreviated with packaging only, is a work that is a combination of process design, evaluation, and creation of product packaging. From this definition, we can already take the conclusion that  desain produk dan kemasan the process of making the product packaging may not stop just at sketching or design in computer application range of photoshop or corel. Because if it stops just up in stages, the term used was proper packaging concept aka the concept of packaging.

Well, now’s the time to elaborate on the three. Let’s go!
On packaging design of products
Packaging design

This kind of packaging is likely made with the creative process of “high level”

Currently, the pop world packaging design usually conceptualize their ideas on paper and then made clear using software such as Photoshop, Corel, or AutoCAD. Was far different from the first era of packaging designers may simply rely on paper or a whiteboard as a medium for expressing ideas that shed at once danced in his head.

In the design process, it is most probably a well thought out by the workers of this type of art is a matter of shape/form and color combinations from the packaging itself. At this stage, the designers tend to menomorduakan things besar-kecilnya ingredients or packaging. Their focus may be only for shapes and colors. It used to be.

And when speaking a form of product packaging, the designers are required to explore the possibilities tecapainya a bundle that can be accepted by your target market, attractive, unique (read: not the same as another brand packaging) and was able to boost sales. When you want to sample, observe and take a look at design box hosts the Apple products such as the iMac and Macbook Air. When you see these two best-selling products packaging, you will surely agree that this is an example of a proper packaging is given an A +.

Evaluation The evaluation of the Creative though somewhat complicate the …

When you already got to the stage of the evaluation, this means that the design process is completed. In other words, you and your team means already had a clear picture about the shape/form and color combination packaging would you wear for your product. In this phase, there are certain things that deserve to think about. These include;

a) Shape/form of packaging

Suppose you want to sell habbatussauda which will be consumed by children, forms of packaging such as what is worth used? The shape of tabungkah? Round like a bolakah? Or just confused like a bottle of habatussauda?

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