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Originated From The Realtor, Now Became The Millionaire Business Furniture

- 7 October 2015, 12:10

Be an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur does require willpower, struggle and hard work. Not only is it mental hardiness and strength to rise immediately it is necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

Frans Satrya Pekasa is one of the people who have all these categories. No doubt when then Frans managed to make his efforts in the field of furniture reached a tremendous success. Born in 1975, and now it has been known as one of the successful figure in the national furniture industry.

Through the establishment of the company named PT Kencana Customers Ivory, born in Cirebon, West Java, this has now been able to grab some of the tens of billions of dollars per year. From his success in managing this venture Frans pun achieved Primaniyarta Award twice as the best exporter in 2012 and 2013. Then how did the story of Frans ‘ furniture ‘ this King achieved success? Following his review.
The Early Efforts Of Frans Satrya Pekasa

Frans started a furniture business ventures since 1998 post completed his undergraduate at the #pendidikan Institute of technology Surabaya November Ten Technical Department of industry. In this business focuses his efforts on export Frans furniture outdoor furniture and garden made from teak wood.
Originated From The Realtor, Now Became The Millionaire Business Furniture
At the beginning of the first business he runs Frans did not immediately become a businessman, but he only became a Realtor for the dealer and exporter of rattan furniture teak wood in Cirebon. His position as a middleman making himself must be expertly find the order in the Agency and then became the provider for continuing production orders to the crafters.

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Start Moving On Its Own

In 2001, Frans Satrya Pekasa no longer being intermediary however he sought foreign buyers with its own capital in the network that already he pioneered became a Realtor for furniture. From there then Frans dare to establish PT Kencana Customers producing Ivory furniture with the trademarks Mega Furniture.

To develop its business, Frans utilizing its marketing strategy in #internet. Some portal effort not escaped the attention of Frans to promote products like Alibaba and Indonetwork.
Were Emphasis Nadir

In 2005, business news, are the verge of ruin. In that time he twirled a lot of debts and all assets both home and his car was seized. A bad state that even should compel Frans hitchhike in the House of his father-in-law. After six months of that event, Frans decided again to rise with back approaching the crafters.

By building on their good name, finally able to get a loan of Rp Frans 11 billion from craftsmen who used to work with him. Frans later tried running a business this teak furniture from scratch. In the spirit of perseverance, within two years, his business can recover.
Achieve Success

With tireless zeal to surrender it, Frans Satrya Pekasa has now achieved success with capable of exporting furniture to 45 countries on three continents, namely Asia, Europe, and America. Some of their export destination country is Israel, Guatemala, Nigeria, Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Austria, China and others. In China alone, Frans has been able to establish three furniture shops under the name Teak123.

Currently, Frans can export about 30 containers containing tables, chairs, cabinets, and more per month with turnover of about 5 million u.s. dollars or equivalent to Rp 56 billion (exchange rate of 11,500 per u.s. dollar). For production, Frans had also cooperated with 121 crafters and 400 employees working at four of its plant in Jepara.

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Business Development

In the development business for its furniture, Frans has focused itself on the production of outdoor furniture with teak wood. For rattan himself has long since he left off because it is a raw material that is increasingly hard to come by.

Frans admitted to not prepare a special strategy to develop his business who take shelter under PT Kencana Customers Ivory. Because, according to him, the ever-changing regulation from the Government will be making his latest strategy would be useless.

For forward Frans Satrya Pekasa has plans to open two more stores in China. The opening of stores in the country this Panda is indeed assessed has huge potential if managed properly. Even though it has been successful in the business of furniture, Frans had already pleaded not interested again penetrated business in other sectors. In addition because of bitter experience when reaching the coal business, Frans had also understood that success can only be obtained when it is focused.

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