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Packaging and Maintenance Craft of soft

- 3 November 2015, 12:11

Packaging is a coordinated system to prepare the goods being ready to be distributed will be transported, stored, sold, and used. The existence of a container or pembunkus can help prevent or reduce the damage, protect existing products in it, protect it from the dangers of pollution and physical disorders (friction, collisions, vibrations). In addition the packaging serves to put a result of processing or industrial products in order to have the forms that facilitate the storage, transport and distribution.

In desain kemasan produk kopi terms of promotion of the container or wrapper functions as a stimulant or buyer appeal. Because of it’s shape, color and decoration of packaging should be noted in the planning. The actual packaging culture has started since humans know the storage system of foodstuffs. Food storage systems traditionally begins with the inclusion of the food ingredients into a container that she meets.

Packaging and Maintenance Craft of soft

In the perkemnangannya in the field of pascapanen, there have been many innovations in the form of packaging materials as well as agricultural products. The findings of the new packaging and a wide range of innovation always noteworthy by the producers of agricultural products, and this is definitely shifting traditional packaging methods that already exist since a long time in Indonesia.
Packaging can be interpreted as the containers or wrappers are useful to prevent or reduce the occurrence of kerusakankerusakan the materials are packaged or dibungkusnya. The purpose of packaging paper crafts, among others like this.

Qualified packaging security and expediency.
Packaging protects products on his way from the manufacturer to the consumer.
Packaging can support marketing programs. Through packaging, product identification becomes more effective and by itself prevents the exchange of products by competitors.
The packaging is a way to increase the profits of the company.

Therefore companies should make the packaging as attractive as possible. Benefits of packaging paper crafts, such as the following.

Packaged products are usually more clean, attractive, and resistant to damage caused by the weather.
Packaging is the only way companies differentiate its products (distinguishing feature of the product).
The attractive packaging can Captivate and attract the attention of the consumer (adds to the attractiveness of the product).
Packaging can add value to sell products.

The type of packaging materials paper crafts, such as the following.

1. Packaging Paper
Paper packaging is the first flexible packaging prior to the discovery of plastic and aluminum foil. Currently the packaging paper is still widely used and are able to compete with other packaging such as plastic and metal because the price is cheap, easy to obtain, and use. The weakness of the packaging paper for packing is sifanya terhadapair sensitive and easily affected by the humidity of the environment.

2. Packaging Wood
Wood packaging materials is the oldest known to man and is traditionally used to package a wide variety of solid products such as antiques and gold, ceramic, and fabric. Wood is the raw material in the manufacture of pallets, crates or wooden box in the countries that have the source natural wood in large quantities. But it is currently supplying wood for the manufacture of packaging also many cause problems due to wood-producing forest langkanya makin.

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