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Run the project a residential property with safe

- 19 February 2016, 08:02

he project a residential propertyIn every project the housing developed with the concept of being a property developer without capital, there’s always three sides playing. The first is the owner of the land agree the land use of the project property even if landowners don’t get paid on when the project will begin by the developer. The second is the developer who built the project from the beginning until the closing of the sale was the last and give thanks to the whole consumer. And the last is the investors who finance the entire needs of the project.

The role of Each Party

The role of landowner only provides the land without doing anything. In exchange of ownership of land owners of land get the benefit clean the project that is given with the upkeep and the time agreed in the agreement. Besides of course the owner of the land entitled for the price of the land must be paid first before the calculation of the share of the profit.


run the project a residential property with safe

Generally landowners are always concerned about security on his property, they assume that with work on the land to be the project property tanahnyapun moved his rights. Yet this is not the case because if the principles of cooperation do fairly maka soils are not dibaliknama to on behalf of the developer. The land remains in the name of the owner of the land but the owner of the land gives the power to developer to build the project. So in a joint land owner of land is the party that can’t be harmed.

The project a residential property

Unless cooperation is done with pattern compliance re-entry the owner of the land in the company will be shaped in the form of a share of stock of the size proportional according to revolt approved. If cooperation with a pattern like this land to dibaliknama to the company.

Well as the role the developer is responsible to the way the project from the beginning to the end. Keep how with the position of the developer? Is it possible harmed? Yes, the developer is very likely harmed because with just bermodalkan deal they’re going to start working on the project and the cost to finance pengurusan perijinan and workmanship the beginning of the project, such as land clearing, cut and fill if I have to and build a show unit or facility public and the facility social worker (fasum fasos), don’t lose important building first impressions project to the consumer is the main gate that elegant.

What about security against the developer?

Pattern security perimeter to the developer is by the way hand over original papers of land and the legality like any other Notary approved, and pengurusan legality of such a certificate also be submitted to the Notary are the same. In the article-article of agreement mentioned that one of the good developer or owner of land was not allowed to take the certificate in own.

Thus certified to be safe from cancellation unilateral harm the other side. If one of the parties will cancel the plan of cooperation that tertuang in the treaty maka there will be consequences that will be received the parties want to cancel those because in the agreement there is always a penalty-a penalty if one of the parties wants to cancel or injured the appointment.

Next, the role of third party in the project property that the investors, where investors are needed if the developer doesn’t have the capital to finance the project. Investors could be in the form of personal could also in the form of a body of law or the institution financing.

How do I find the owner of land willing landowners made the project with the pattern in the cooperation? And how did the how to find investors that want to finance the whole project that we’re proposing?

The answer is easy! Offer something they can’t refuse, get pattern to think the owner of the land and enter also the think investors feel a desire-a desire they feel is also a concern-a concern to them and hadirlah you as an answer to the wishes and concerns of their that’s… that’s very simple tho?


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