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The Meaning of Most Dreams And Their Importance

- 17 February 2014, 03:02

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is not sympathetic. The unconscious mind is God’s mind. God is a serious doctor and a very sad priest. God is a sad artist and a sad philosopher.

God always is sad because we are demons. We are not really human. Our tiny human conscience is only a spot. The biggest part of our brain and psyche belongs to our satanic anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience. Our anti-conscience thinks like a demon because it is primitive and disorganized.

Even though the anti-conscience is an idiotic and disorganized conscience, it knows many tricks, and it follows various behavioral programs based on reactions already learned in the past. This means that it is somehow organized in many ways, besides being basically disorganized. This is why it manages to frequently invade our human conscience.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience by imposing its absurd thoughts to our human conscience and destroying our capacity to think logically.

God sends us dreams with information and guidance so that we may understand the negative suggestions of our anti-conscience and avoid following its absurd thoughts. This is why the meaning of most dreams is unpleasant.
God criticizes our behavior, showing us the influence of our anti-conscience. God shows us the dangers that are threatening our mental health. We have many warnings and lessons in dreams.

Recurring dreams are alarms. They indicate procrastination, while we must do something important if we want to avoid future problems.

Nightmares reflect mental illnesses, especially if they are frequent. They can also reflect dangers of the external world that will negatively affect the dreamer’s mental health.

Unpleasant and bad dreams reflect mistakes and dangers. They reflect the dreamer’s behavior before dangerous situations, showing to the dreamer the influence of his/her anti-conscience in his behavior.

There are basically seven types of dreams, and most of them have negative meanings, exactly because the divine unconscious mind is trying to eliminate the absurdity and the evilness we have inherited. Our obedience to the divine guidance in dreams and signs of our reality is indispensable. We should also respect our religion.

All religions help us find salvation. All religions work as a process of spiritual purification.

You should respect your religion and pay attention to the meaning of your dreams because your mental health depends on your goodness. Your destiny and your happiness depend on your goodness the same way. However, you are very, very far from real goodness.

The false goodness of the world is a ridiculous attempt to justify the barbarity that characterizes the current civilization. You have to understand the meaning of sanctity if you want to really understand the meaning of goodness.

When I was young and ignorant I believed that I should live my life trying to be happy. When I became an adult and I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, I discovered that this was not the meaning of life. We don’t live in order to be happy. We live in order to attain sanctity, so that we may be happy.

Since we have inherited absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of our brain and psyche, we live in order to eliminate the negative and dangerous content we have inherited, and then, learn how to be sensitive and wise. We cannot be happy if we are violent and immoral.

We don’t live in order to have material pleasures and ignore the importance of our spirit. We don’t live in order to become crazy and generate wars.

We live in order to transform our cruel animal nature into sensitive human nature.

This information is not based on my opinion. The divine unconscious mind shows the same truth to all dreamers. We have a spirit, and God is alive. We can talk with God through dream messages. God answers our questions in dreams, giving us many explanations.

God speaks with images that have a symbolic meaning. Many of these images are dream symbols. The dream symbols are the verbs of the dream language. A dream symbol defines the meaning of the dream.

Other dream images compose the dream story, which is based on the dream logic, and not on the logic of our ignorant and selfish conscience. We must learn the divine logic if we want to understand the meaning of dreams.

Some people believe that what is logic is something obvious to everyone, but this is not true. The dream logic follows the reasoning system of the divine unconscious mind, and not the reasoning system of our ignorant and one-sided human conscience. We must develop our conscience through dream translation if we want to stop being one-sided and absurd. God’s logic is not absurd like the logic of our one-sided conscience, but based on wisdom and sanctity.

We have to understand what is right according to God’s wisdom, and not based on our suppositions.

Some people dislike analyzing the meaning of their dreams because they discover that they are making mistakes and they are absurd. They even feel offended when they learn that they are mentally ill. They must understand the truth about the human nature, and face this truth with courage.

The dream messages are extremely serious. God is trying to achieve the impossible. We are so absurd that we keep repeating the same mistakes for life. We don’t learn anything with life’s lessons.

God is a patient and persistent doctor. He sends one hundred dreams to a dreamer who must prevent schizophrenia, showing him that he must stop being violent, immoral, and selfish. God sends one hundred dreams about the same topic, with numerous explanations for the dreamer along with an analysis of his behavior, and He sends these dreams with time, among many other dreams with different messages because He doesn’t want to be monotonous, even though He repeats exactly the same messages in a different form.

God sends one thousand messages about the same topic to help another dreamer overcome multiple personality disorder. We cannot count how many messages with the same or similar messages are produced for every dreamer.

God is a very persistent doctor and artist. He knows that He must repeat many times the same lessons because we forget what we dislike. We are idiotic. Our human conscience must be developed based on goodness, so that we may become more intelligent.

Intelligence without goodness is useless. The anti-conscience is somehow intelligent, besides being idiotic, but its intelligence cannot help it find peace.

We depend on our goodness in order to find peace. This is why we must cultivate goodness in our hearts. Without goodness we will never acquire sound mental health. Without goodness we will never abandon the primitive thoughts of our wild side.

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