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the price of the nano spray in surabaya

- 22 September 2015, 01:09

One of the hallmarks of Nano Spray Pig is very practical for use anytime and anywhere. With the use of routine then the results will be reached also the maximum. But from some customer and member that has possess PIG Nano Spray is often asked about how to Use PIG Nano Spray with maximum results. Of course each user tool wants the best results including you. Starting from how to use up to the steps for spraying many a question addressed to us. Thus in the following article we will try to elaborate on how to use PIG Nano Spray with manfaat nano spray 3 .

How To Charging A Nano Spray:
the price of the nano spray in surabaya
Open the water tank in the back next to the top by sliding the arrow upwards.
Fill the water tank with water (it is best to oxygen (O2 + H)), do not replace it with rain water or water that has been cooked and so on, because a good and needed nutrients to the skin cells are oxygen.

For charging water into the tank using a special bottle that has been provided, when filling water into the tank try not to spill water because it can cause konsleting if on battery, so the contents of the water to taste only on a Nano Spray You
When this tool is ready in use slide the front Nano Spray then spray the inner face skin troubled skin or parts with the correct spraying distance between 20 cm-25 cm (can be spray on skin who want to ternutrisi to make it more healthy), when water dikulit felt too wet with the distance the Spray too much usage of Nano fast, the water does not pass them over diperlu , but let in advance so that the water of oxygen seep as well as menutisi cells of the skin perfectly, because the truth is when Nano Spray do spraying nanoparticles oxygen mask on the skin like yg can make your skin breathe which means oxygen can freely go in and out through the pores of the skin but the water from the body may be on hold.
Good also for use when before going to sleep, making all night beristrahat facial skin while we still get moisture with nutrients oxygen by Nano Spray.

The Way Spraying PIG Nano Spray

Use of Combination tips PIG Nano Spray and Magic Stick:

1 x using Nano Spray for 30 seconds
Let me pause and then use Magic Stick 1 x 3-5 minutes
Let me pause again
Repeat the first phase
Let me pause again
Repeat the first phase
The use of a Magic Stick is not in demand when you have acne which is in a poor condition

That’s a few steps how to wear PIG Nano Spray with maximum results. Use PIG Nano Spray and Magic Stick routinely dah you will feel pleased.


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