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Understanding and Wisdom in Islam Full Aqiqah

- 7 September 2015, 05:09

Understanding and Wisdom in Islam Complete Aqiqah Aqiqah is sacrificing an animal that is prescribed in islam as a form of redemption from the birth of the baby, the law do its own aqiqah contains the sunnah muakkadah main majority opinion based on Hadith. And there are also scholars who interpret aqiqah as a form of redemption has the sense that aqiqah can release the restraints of jin who followed all babies at birth. As for the animals that can be sacrificed should also meet persayaran who are healthy, the lifespan of the animal that was over half a year for this type of sheep are white, while for the goats should be more that one year.
wisdom aqiqah
To implement aqiqah, you also should not forget the terms of existing aqiqah. As for the number of animals sacrificed at the moment aqiqah is two goats for baby boy, baby girl and for totaled one tail. And for those of you who have a baby boy, but you are not able to sacrifice two goats. Then you can sacrifice one tail, and it also still allowed and you will still get the reward.
Wisdom Aqiqah In Islam
Run the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad in imitation of the Prophet Abraham peace be upon him when Almighty God redeem the beloved son of ibrahim Ismail peace be upon him.
Protect from the overlordship of the disorder that followed the baby when the new born.
Redeeming debts of the son to intercede to her parents later on when the day of reckoning.
One form of approach to God Almighty and also as a form of gratitude towards the gifts that have been given that is the birth of the child.
One means to show a sense of exhilaration in running Islamic jurisprudence because of the increase of the descendants of the believer.
Can strengthen the brotherhood between people.
So for the understanding and wisdom Aqiqah in Islam that we can pass on to you, hopefully the article that recently we have launched this can provide benefits to you-you are everything. And don’t forget also for you to frequent-frequent visitor to our site each day, so that you can continue to get information about islam that we will try to serve on occasion every day.f
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