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Understanding, definitions, Procedures of sacrifice/Qurban Aqiqah

- 5 November 2015, 07:11

Understanding, definitions, Procedures of sacrifice/Qurban Aqiqah: Akikah and/Animals Animals & Udhiyah-Online Islamic Library

Worship sacrifice is an activity of the slaughter/butchering farm animals that is conducted on the 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhul-Hijjah or also called days of Tashreeq/hari raya haji/lebaran, lebaran haji/sacrifice/Eid al-Adha with intention to worship to God Almighty.

Law of worship sacrifice/qurban muakkad is circumcision or traditions that are important to do. The time execution of the event was the start of qurban Sun range spear after the Eid Al-adha on 10 months of Hajj until sundown on 13 months of Hajj.

Livestock can be used as animal sacrifice/qurban:
-Ordinary Goats with age more than two years
-Sheep or sheep aged more than one year or ever replace teeth.
-Buffalo/Rape/beef with aged over two years
Camels with age more than five years

The terms legitimate election of sacrificial animals are allowed to be qurban:
Her skinny no-dry
-Not being pregnant or giving birth to children out of stock
Healthy Feet-no limping
Healthy Eye-not blind/pice/other disabilities
Able-bodied in fine health-
-Ear/ear leaf is not truncated

B. Worship Aqiqah/Akikah

Understanding, definitions, Procedures of sacrifice Qurban Aqiqah

Akikah is an activity of slaughter/butchering farm animals as a sign of gratitude to God Almighty, because getting older men as well as women (out lahiran). The legal implementation of the event is the Sunnah aqiqah/circumcision for parents or guardians of a newborn child. Akikah performed on day seven after child birth. If it hasn’t been able to in the seventh day, the day after it also does nothing.

The number of livestock to get kambing aqiqah terbaik totaled two goats to boys/men and one sheep for girls/women. If only able to slaughter one sheep for the boy does nothing which is important and to get ridho from God Almighty. Animals which akikah is equal to animals to sacrifice in terms of its requirements.

aqiqah has a goal to increase the social soul and tolong-menolong fellow neighbors around the environment, instill in children the religious soul, as a token of our gratitude to God Almighty for all the favors and Fortune given to us during this time.


Information about the slaughtering of animals is good for meat everyday needs, as well as to sacrifice and be listened on can akikah another article on this site.

Description: source of information comes from school books so that there is no evidence/source.

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