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unique food packaging design

- 1 September 2015, 10:09

On this occasion I will provide a picture of the food packaging design is certainly unique and interesting could make reference to the buddy inspiration. At the momenunique food packaging designt the food packaging design is getting competitive in rack sales. This is proof that the packaging design very influential towards the sale of a particular food product. The more attractive the packaging designs so the higher a person’s wishes also to buy the product. For example we take for example only if PAL went to a minimarket, a food product that is the same but has a different packaging designs. That is one nice and unique design while the other just wrapped in plastic with hekter as a cover, then obviously for sure buddy would choose that product packaging design is unique and good. Although the price is more expensive but the food quality is also better than the packaging that mediocrity. Why? Because a good packaging design also affects the quality of the food, will be longer lasting until the kadaluarsanya is longer. Unlike the food packed with random, will not be durable and kadaluarsanya else. This proves also that the design has the power to bind the buyer‘s heart.

Then the packaging design should also be designed with something that makes consumers have the “trust” or trust in our products. Example, disebagian our packaging design with transparent so that consumers can see the contents of our product and found this, so consumers don’t feel lied to. Because there is a food packaging is not transparent, when it was bought and opened it the contents turned out to be not as desirable, there is a sense of disappointment and will not buy it again.
Therefore here I would give the food packaging design unique and interesting specials for PAL design arena, may be useful and was the inspiration for the design of everything.
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