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Well, If Children Are Late Akikah, Read This

- 11 September 2015, 11:09

A reviewer of the Hadith, the editorial team, answer questions or baby related netizen late diakikah (aqiqah), according to the Hadith narrated by Ibn Maajah: every child need aqiqah anak
The hadeeth mentioned is this Hadith:
كُلُّ غُلاَمٍ مُرْتَهَنٌ بِعَقِيقَتِهِ تُذْبَحُ عَنْهُ يَوْمَ السَّابِعِ وَيُحْلَقُ رَأْسُهُ وَيُسَمَّى
Every child tergadaikan in aqiqahnya. The slaughter for her on the seventh day of his birth, shorn of her hair and was given the name “(narrated by Saheeh Ibn Maajah;)
To be able to understand the meaning of the Hadith exactly, let’s see the explanation of the scholars.
Ahmad explains, this Hadith with regards to intercession. “It’s related to the problem of intercession,” he was quoted as saying by Al Khathabi. That is, if the parents do not carry out his son, then aqiqah the child died little time, he cannot give intercession to her parents.”
‘ ATA ‘ Al-Khurasani argue are similar. When Yahya bin Hamzah asks about the meaning of every child tergadaikan in aqiqahnya he said: the parents don’t get the intercession of her son

Well, If Children Are Late Akikah, Read This

Mulla Ali Al Reciter has a different opinion. He thinks that every child tergadaikan in aqiqahnya with regard to the safety of the child itself. The safety of the child from a disaster depends on the aqiqahnya,” said he. However, he also mengamini the opinion that this Hadith related to intercede. If parents do not mengaqiqahi her child and the child died in little time, then the child can not give intercession to both parents.
In the book of Syarhus Sunnah concluded, “many scholars discussing this issue. The best explanation is the view of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal that if a child dies and have not been diaqiqahi, the child cannot give intercession to his parents. “
ATH Thayyibi added, “it is certain that Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal did not argue the case except after getting it from the sahaabah and taabi’een.”
So, instead of his independent yet, but because it is the duty of parents aqiqah, then parents didn’t get the perfect benefit (in the form of intercession if the child died in the small time) except he redeem it with aqiqah.
According to the majority of scholars of the law this is sunnah muakkadah aqiqah (sunnah which is highly recommended).
According to the opinion of the ulema zhahiriyah, a mandatory ruling aqiqah is exercised by the parents of the baby. Whereas the opinion of the third spearheaded by the Al Sa’d are Ibn Laits aqiqah is mandatory on the seventh day, and obligations that fall if the seventh day passes.
So parents who can not mengaqiqahi son on the seventh day (due to not being able to), then it is not necessary mengaqiqahi in the days or months or next year even though he be rich at the time. And Allah knows best bish shawab.
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