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young coconut benefits for pregnant women

- 1 October 2015, 02:10

For mothers who are pregnant certainly often heard the myth about coconut water. Roughly the myth true or not ya? most people believe in a bygone era when consuming coconut water while pregnant to birthing babies that are born will be pure white. Maybe some people believe and some who do not believe. Although there are indeed who happened to be born white but some are not.
Young Coconut Water Benefits For Pregnant Women
Coconut water for babies in the womb
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young coconut benefits for pregnant women
Nutrient content of coconut Water
In fact our baby’s skin to be born white or not much of a factor that affected it. So it’s not because of her mother’s consuming coconut water or not. The cause could be a factor affecting genes or other factors. But it’s not that coconut water is not beneficial for pregnant women. After a variety of research it turned out that coconut water sabgat well for pregnant mothers. An awful lot of substance and nutrition terkadung in it include:

1. Makronutrient
Makronutrient is a variety of food substances needed in great numbers. But that does not mean it must be overwhelming. It’s just that the substance is needed in great numbers since its function to the body very fatal. The content of makronutrient in coconut water, among others:




2. Mikronutrient
Mikronutrient is a nutritional substances or nutrients needed by the body in very small amounts. Mikronutrient can not be produced by the body so we have to get it from the intake that we eat. Micronutrients itself used to help carry out physiological functions. The content of mikronitrient in coconut water, among others:







Vitamin B3, B5, B6 and C

According to Dr. Peddy coconuts When getting old, then the moisture content of the existing dilamnyapun will be less and less. While fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus, as well as the calories will be higher.
Young Coconut water benefits for pregnant women
After learning the content contained in coconut water we now see its benefits for mothers who are currently contains among others:

1. Natural Electrolyte
Young coconut water contains an awful lot of them natural electrolyte calcium, chloride, magnesium, sodium, protasium etc. are capable of restoring stamina in the body. Pregnant women are usually easy to feel tired and dehydrated. Coconut water is able to help pregnant women avoid dehydration.

2. Nature of Anti Diseases
Coconut water is able to ward off disease and also serves as an antidote to poisons in the body. Coconut has the properties because there are lauric acid in it. In addition to the antidote to the poison and lauric acid penagkal disease also have antifungal properties, bacteria, and viruses. Lauric acid is a substance that is contained in breast milk (breast milk).

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